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To apply to the Friendship and Prosperity Women’s Club, please email with complete responses to the questions below. For those applying, please examine your ability to commit to meeting on the 2nd Sunday of every month (times may vary).

Full Name: My name is KishaLynn Elliott. What’s yours?

Sex: This club is for women only. Transgender women welcome.

Date of Birth: There is no age requirement to join, but most members are at least 21 years old.

Phone Number: Optional with application, but required upon admission to the group.

Country, City, State: Just to get a sense of where FPWC members are in the world.


(1)   Please provide a statement (the more detailed the better) on your experience with or interest in the Law of Attraction. Include any books you have read, movies or video seen, workshops attended and/or a personal story.

(2)   If you were dusting off your lamp, and a genie popped out and said he would grant you 3 wishes, what would you ask for? Please be SERIOUS and specific.

Typically emails will receive a response within 72 hours. Incomplete applications will be responded to with a request for more information. All accepted members will be asked to provide their phone number and schedule a brief introductory phone call with me prior to attending their first meeting. Upon acceptance, you will be added to the group’s member profiles, and receive information on group policies, the current reading schedule, and information on our interactive online group.

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