Like-Minded: What Does That Mean?

Every FP Dub member knows that the group’s primary objective is to establish friendships with like-minded women. But what does that mean?

Well, when I created the group back in 2008, I marveled at the very same question, before deciding to loosely define it as people who were interested in the same things that I am interested in, as they are most likely to think similar to how I think and we’ll have common group from the start! With that, I made my list!

Are you interested in FPWC? Are you like-minded? See how many things on the ever-growing list below resonate with you and your interests:

Reading and Writing
The Law of Attraction
The Secret
Entrepreneurship, Business, and Marketing
Prosperity and Abundance
Self-hypnosis or guided meditation
Very open-minded spirituality
Success in Love and Committed Relationships, and Friendships
Blogging, Journaling, and Letter Writing
Comedy, Humor, Smiling and Laughter
Positive Thinking and Affirmations/Quotes
Charity, Philanthropy and Community Service
Networking and Netweaving
Self-empowerment and self-improvement
Game nights
Music, dancing, clubs, and party-throwing
Champagne Toasts and Wine Tasting
the list goes on….

It may seem random, but I’ve learned, and ever FP Dub member knows, that the more specific and detailed you are, the better and usually faster your outcomes. And BOY did I attract a wonderfully diverse group of women, all of whom fit this bill, while still bringing their own unique interests and personalities to the table. And BOY, do we have a lot of fun together.

That’s what FPWC is about first and foremost. Then we get to the fun of the stuff!

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