Congratulations, you’ve created Friendship and Prosperity!

On December 27, 2007, in the middle of the night, I got an idea. Unlike most ideas, I acted upon this one immediately. At the start of that year, I had discovered the law of attraction, and had been voraciously studying The Secret, and Charles Haanel’s The Master Key System. There wasn’t really anyone in my life that was into the law of attraction the way I was, but I was fast concluding that “This Stuff’s Working!” I yearned to be able to have others in my life to share the experience of learning, discussing, and applying the the principles. New Years Eve was approaching, and I was ready to celebrate life, and use the power I’d discovered I had to create my life in 2007! I had also made a New Years resolution to make new friends in 2008.

Back to the evening of my sudden epiphany. What if I created a group? A women’s group. YES! I sprang to action. That same night,  I outlined the basic structure of the group, and quickly wrote a stream-of-consciousness ad to place on Craigslist to recruit the members. I also created a group on Yahoo, where I imagined we could all interact and discuss what we were reading between meetings. It was this last task that brought me the confirmation that I was doing something wonderful–I got an email confirmation from Yahoo, and the subject line was:

Congratulations! You’ve created Friendship and Prosperity.

It felt wonderful, and I believed it was a sign. I posted the ad on Craigslist, knowing that something wonderful was about to happen in my life.

In the following days, I focused on “putting it out there” to attract new, like-minded women into my life for friendship, but who were also interested in law of attraction. Within the Master Key system, I was learning about visualization, and seeing things to a certain level of detail. I immediate began to imagine what the group would be like. I visualized my living room bring filled with women for our first meeting. How many women?? I counted the number of seats we had–8 seats for 8 women! That became my initial goal.

I forged on with my plan to create this “Friendship and Prosperity Women’s Club”, aka FP Dub, where the primary objective would be to establish close, platonic friendships with like-minded women, and the secondary objective would be to study AND apply the principles of the Law of Attraction to increase success and prosperity in our lives. FPWC wouldn’t be a book club, nor a social club, nor a self-help group, but all of the above and more.

The vision manifested. Exactly seven people showed up to the first meeting, filling each of those 8 seats (myself included). While they did not all remain, and other new members have gone and come since, halfway into our third year we’ve grown in size and scope! We recently launched a separate but powerful Friendship and Prosperity Women’s Investment Club. Through our monthly meetings, social outings, and service projects, we’ve shown and proven to ourselves that THIS STUFF’S WORKING! Along the way, we’ve learned how to DREAM.

Now we’re ready to take it to the next level, hence the launch of, the home base of the real-time Friendship and Prosperity Women’s Club, and the launching pad from we which our members can carry the truth, and the proof, that This Stuff’s Working, out to the rest of the world.

I hope you’ll have a look around, see what we’re about, and grow as we grow.

Wishing the Best Thoughts and Feelings for You,

Creator, Friendship and Prosperity Women’s Club

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